The Pioneers Alliance and the Landscape Participants in the Pioneers Alliance work to create an enduring legacy of community-based stewardship and conservation in the Pioneer Mountains-Craters of the Moon landscape. One of the jewels of America’s natural heritage, the Pioneers-Craters landscape ranges from sagebrush steppe, grasslands and lava flows to river, foothill and mountain ecosystems, […]


The Pioneers-Craters region has a rich human history and culture. Originally inhabited by the Shoshone and Bannock people, the region is traversed by Goodale’s Cutoff, a spur of the Oregon Trail, now being evaluated for designation as a National Historic Trail. Goodale’s Cutoff was used as an alternative to the main Oregon Trail in order […]


The Pioneers-Craters landscape is home to a diverse array of wide-ranging and migratory wildlife species such as pronghorn, sage-grouse, mule deer, and elk as well as large carnivores including wolves, mountain lions, and black bears. The landscape is also home to mountain goats, wolverines and over XXX species of birds. The abundance and diversity of […]

About Us

The Pioneers Alliance is a cooperative effort by ranchers, local residents, conservationists and public land managers to conserve and enhance the natural and cultural values of the Pioneer Mountains and Craters of the Moon landscape of south-central Idaho.